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Provider Info

We provide administrative support to ACC clinicians to allow them to focus on the services they provide.

Client Info

We support our clients in accessing the appropriate service according to their needs.

Our Providers

Our service providers are all skilled, experienced registered professionals approved by ACC

Southern Lakes Clinic is a registered ACC supplier for Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) and Psychological Services (PSA) contracts.


Southern Lakes Clinic provides peer support, management and administration services to professionals, enabling them to focus on client care. As an ACC supplier, we are approved to contract registered ACC providers who are trained to supply assessments and treatment through individual and group programmes. We accept ACC referrals for eligible ACC clients.

Our providers include:


  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Psychotherapists

  • Counsellors and 

  • Social Workers 

We offer administrative support for Southern Lakes Clinic providers including supporting you through the process of becoming an approved ACC provider. We manage ACC invoicing and any payment queries, supply information for taxation obligations and can assist with how to operate your provider services. Please see free to contact us to find out more about how we can support you: 

We are seeking registered ACC providers to join our team, including; Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors working throughout South and North Island New Zealand.

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ACC Account Management

Southern Lakes Clinic uses Client Management Systems (CMS) software to manage ACC invoicing, purchase order entry, payment or purchase orders and queries.

Client Management System (CMS) is a cloud-based management software that supplies a simple solution for tracking, documenting and invoicing for ACC clients. Developed specifically to assist suppliers and providers under the new ACC ISSC contract to track important information and invoice appropriately and efficiently. It can also be used for more ACC contracts and other payment sources.


  • User-friendly interface designed by a clinician with clinicians in mind

  • All ACC codes and prices are pre-loaded and current

  • Invoice and document each session

  • Copies of all ACC report templates and other resources available


  • A secure web-based platform

  • Separate secure login for each provider

  • Secure supplier administrative login for effective oversight and management


  • Provider system training supplied

  • Phone and email support available business hours

  • ACC unpaid claim follow up and reporting

  • Purchase Orders (PO) entry

  • Invoice submission weekly each Friday

What we do

  • We offer administrative support for Southern Lakes Clinic providers, including handling invoicing and ACC payment queries.

  • We support clinicians through the process of becoming approved ACC providers and assist with how to operate provider services ongoing.

  • Supply billing information for taxation obligations



Thank you for contacting Southern Lakes Clinic, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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